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ORMFG750 Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade M177

ORMFG750 Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade M177

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Core Exchange
Compressor Wheel Anodizing
Exhaust Housing Cerakote Color

After a culmination of 3+ years and installing various other upgraded turbos onto the M177 platform, we decided it was time to manufacture a set of OEM+ turbos that we felt best suited the M177 platform.

We knew that we weren't smarter than the AMG engineers and wanted to expand on what we felt were the best features of how the M177 performed. This is how we came up with the ORMFG750's

Maintaining the M177's torquey punch in the low RPM's was one of the most important features to retain, we wanted to keep the acceleration style OEM, but increase the impact of it. 

Another issue that we addressed from testing and tuning dozens of AMG's is that the factory turbochargers run out of efficiency in the 5500RPM range, this is very evident in a dyno graph. Once tuned, this drop off is very noticeable. We have solved that issue with the ORMFG750's and they now hold peak boost all the way out to redline RPM.

And finally, as the pièce de résistance we designed and manufactured a one of a kind insert that mimic's the "HKS T51R" high pitched whistle noise, giving our turbos and your vehicle a one of a kind sound. These are not only viscerally enjoyable, but increase the performance of the turbocharger as well. 

Output Figures:

  • 700+ Horsepower at the rear wheels
  • 700+ Torque at the rear wheels
  • *Add roughly 15% to the figures above to calculate horsepower at the crank*


  • Catless Downpipes (Click here to purchase)
  • 1 Step Colder Spark plugs (Click here to purchase)
  • TCU Tuning (Click here to purchase)
  • Stage 3 ECU Tuning (Click here to purchase)
  • Cold Air Intakes (we recommend CTS Turbo, contact us to purchase)
  • 93 or better Octane Fuel

Confirmed Fitment: 

  • W205 C63, C63S AMG
  • C190 AMG GT-S, GT-C
  • X253 GLC63S AMG

**Customers are able to choose they're own custom powder coat color for the compressor housing. Please use this link to pick a color from Prismatic Powders and include this in your order notes**

**This is a core exchange, we need your stock turbos to be sent in as a core. If you choose not to send in a core, there is a $3000CAD charge**

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