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M177 1 Step Colder Spark Plug

M177 1 Step Colder Spark Plug

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Designed specifically for the M177 engine, these 1 step colder spark plugs pair perfectly with our Stage 2 ECU Tuning and downpipes. Allowing for a colder, and tighter spark pattern to allow for higher horsepower, and no detonation. 

It is very typical of higher horsepower AMG's to develop a misfire as the factory plug cannot handle the additional spark demand. We have seen this many times after a car is tuned, the client returns a few weeks later with a complaint of a misfire; a quick swap of the plugs to our 1 step colder version and the car has no more issues. 

Please email us with your Year and Model to confirm fitment prior to purchase.

*Sold in a set of 8* 

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