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Forged Pistons and Billet Rods, M177

Forged Pistons and Billet Rods, M177

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Our forged pistons and billet rods are designed as superior replacements for the OEM pistons and rods. The billet rods, which are constructed from stronger materials over the original rods, are capable of supporting much higher power levels than the factory rods. Optional ceramic coated piston tops to increase the heat resistance and optional Teflon coated skirts to reduce friction. Please contact us for more info.

 It is strongly recommended that only an experienced engine builder install our pistons and rods  No tech support will be offered for installation of rods and pistons other than information regarding the orientation of the rods and pistons. Exact bore measurements may be required as there are slight variations in bore diameter from Mercedes. Ring gapping and cylinder bore preparation information will not be provided.

Key Features:

  • Maintains Factory Compression Ratio

  • Requires Sleeved Iron Bore

  • Optional Ceramic Coated Piston Tops (additional charge)

  • Optional Teflon Coated Pistons Skirts (additional charge)

  • Billet Connecting Rods

  • Improved Wristpin Design

  • Performance Ring Set Included

  • High Strength/Quality Design and Construction

  • Increased Power Capacity and Heat Dissipation

  • Actual Product May Differ From Pictures

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