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Outrun MFG.

Outrun MFG. W205 C63 AMG Stage 3 Upgraded Turbocharger Set

Outrun MFG. W205 C63 AMG Stage 3 Upgraded Turbocharger Set

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We have developed what we believe to be the best Stage 3 Turbocharger set for W205 C63 AMG. Fits both Base and S model. These turbochargers are 700WHP capable with the right supporting modifications. This is the perfect horsepower level for W205 in both drivability and budget. (Anything more than 700WHP and you need fuel system upgrades). 

We know that you want to stand out from other C63's on the road, which is why we made our turbochargers fully customizable to your build! You get to pick your anodizing, powder coating and cerakoting. 

 In an effort to ensure that we are the "one of one" kind of company. We went the extra mile and developed something that no other company offers for upgraded AMG turbos. What is this, you ask? There's only a few things in the automotive world that is more recognizable than the OG HKS T51R turbo with its high pitched spooling noise. We wanted to take that and apply it to our turbos which meant designing, machining and testing an insert that replicates that amazing spool sound and I think we've achieved it perfectly. Even further more setting our products and your car apart from all the others out there. And in the event that you aren't into the amazing noise produced by this we have made it optional! 

**Core Charge of $3000CAD if you are not trading your OEM Turbos in** 

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